Goods received but not yet invoiced for Purchase&Payables

Hi there,

I am using 5.0 (SP1) Cronus NAV systems and i have to check goods that are received but not yet invoiced. I have some “manual” with instructions to do it and it says:

- Inventory → Item Registers → button “Register” → Item Ledger → Show all (remove field filter) → filter Entry type on “purchase” → show column: “completely invoiced”

I tried in Financial Management-Inventory and in Purchase-Inventory&Costing, but nothing, i can’t find it!

Can someone help me with this please?

Tnx in advance!!!

is for two versions back from 5.0… now it looks completely different

Warehouse - History - Registers - Item Registers - Item Ledger Entries.
and filter on Completely Invoiced = No.

That works, but isn’t very easy to use - you shoud rather ask your partner to make a report for you.

Hello Modris,

that`s it, it is working, tnx a lot fot the help!!!