Goods in transit

Hi Experts,

I have scenario, pls. help me:

  • The company purchase goods from Import.

  • Accountant gets Invoice and Goods is intransit.

  • So that, Accountant want to post Payables debt and Goods is not stock in location. How do I do?



It is better to ask them to post a Journal Voucher for this transaction.

Let them make the payment to Vendor i.e. Vendor (Payable) A/C Dr and Bank A/C Cr.

That should be enough. This payment should be adjusted against invoice, after posting of invoice.

If they still want to track the Goods in Transit, then they need to pass another JV and it should reversed manually, after actual purchase receipt.



Hi Sekar,

Tks for yr reply.

But yr solution make Inventory Costing is calculated in this period while Item is not in location. Goods in transit will be stock in next period and join to calculate Costing in this period.