Goodbye to the Warehouse Management and Manufactoring forum

Dear members,

This is also the last post in the Dynamics NAV / Navision Warehouse Management Forum - From now on please post to the Dynamics NAV / Navision End Ser Forum.

The Warehouse/MRP Forum started in 2000, when the number of daily posts in the main forums became so high, that we had to organize the posts into many sub forums. Today there are many other resources for information on Dynamics NAV, and less posts specific about integration. So I have moved all the posts up into the End User Forum, where similar question are welcomed, and we no longer divide the questions from different end users.

When you read this, then the post is most likely already moved up to the end user forum also, as the old forum then have been deleted. But all the posts remain.

If are subscribing to notifications one new posts to this forum, and you would like to continue to receive mails about similar posts, then please update your email notification settings in your profile.

Thank you and welcome to the Navision End User forum.