Goodbye to the Freelancers Forum

As I announced here a few months ago then we have created a new group on DUG, only for DYNAMICS FREELANCERS. Today I have moved all the posts from the old Freelancers forum into the closed Freelancers Group forum.

To become a member you must be recommended by other members of the group and approved by the group managers (Alexander Pallesen, David Singleton or me).

If you like to come into consideration, and you don’t have anyone who can recommend you, then please send me or any of the other managers a message (using Conversations from this site, not an email). Write how long time you have worked with the Dynamics products, how long you have been freelancing, what services you provide. Also please mention your last three assignments, including duration and services. If you have registered a company and have employees or you’re actually working for a company and they send you out on “freelance assignments” then you do not qualify to become a member.