Goodbye to the "Community Corner" as we know it

One of the traditional areas of DUG has been our Community Corner. It basically goes back to the days, when we were all about Navision. When first Axapta, later Great Plains and CRM joined, these new members were included into this forum.

Community Corner was the place where we had all the non-product related questions. Like general announcements, break-space, website discussions/suggestions, error reporting, introductions, general business talks etc. Topics that didn’t fit in anywhere else. It was just a little “corner” of the forums, used for this.

With the more general AX, NAV, GP and CRM user group structure of DUG after our upgrade, then the “Community Corner” as automatically gotten a much more “prominent” position that it’s supposed to.

It also confuses many new members. They are used to that the part of a website called “Community” is where you post your questions. Here on DUG the Community is Everything! But you need to select your product user group to post your questions. Result many product questions in community corner.

So it means a goodbye to the “Community Corner” as we know it.

The forums Introductions, break-space, Discussions/suggestions, will in the future have a “little-sister” in each of user groups. There will be an AX Lounge, NAV Lounge, GP Lounge and CRM Lounge. And it will be visible/accessible only for group members, so remember to login. As always on DUG, free for everyone.

Announcements will in the future be made directly in the user groups. Not in a forum, but in a new “announcement blog”. Unless site specific.

Left in the old “Community Corner” will be the website discussions/suggestions forum, error reporting and the moderators lounge. So the group is going to transform into a new “About DUG” section.