Good Receipt without PO


What is the best approach for this scenario in AX 2009?

Our company will receive an item of quantity 10. For some reasons, we might need to return some. For example, we will return quantity 3. The supplier will issue an invoice for quantity 7. We don’t want this to undergo Purchase Order. I’m thinking of creating a Profit/Loss Journal then Item Arrival. I will create Payment Journal and issue an APV for Non PO. I don’t know if this is correct. Suggestions please.

Thank You.

What journal did you use for receiving the 10 items?

Hi Heylin,

I’m planning to use the Profit and Loss Journal or Movement Journal. Haven’t done anything yet. We’re still looking for a possible workaround.

Thank You.

Hi Lyka:

  1. If you use movement or profit and loss journal, vendor account cannot be set as the offset account. therefore, you need to create an invoice journal to update vendor account.

Hi Lyka,

I will suggest you to use PO.

From the accounting prospective, how will you justify for the items entered in your warehouse.

Secondly, while making payment to vendor, how will you settle your payment, since there is no invoice.

Even if you use movement journal, i believe you won.t be able to offset using vendor account. Ledger is the only option there.


Hi Lyka

You will have to do very little customization, in invoice journal bring item table also in the drop down and you can select item and credit vendor the further process will go as normal, we had done it for one of the client.



So the question is why do you not want to use the purchase order when this will make everything easy for you?