Good Morning / Afternoon

Hi Everyone,

My name is Lloyd Moore and I am a specialist technology recruiter with over 20 years experience (my 1st ever placement was a TME operator on an ICL ME29)!!!

I’m based in the UK and have been placing both permanent and freelance staff within the NAV space for a year or so now.

I’m equally happy to hear from either companies looking for staff or from individuals who are interested in a career change. [:)]

You can contact me at

Dear Mooresby,

Thank you for your introduction and welcome to the forum.

It’s nice to see more recruiters being active here. There are many many recruites in the Dynamics NAV market, but I’m also very sad to say that it’s my experience that most of these recruiters have no idea about what they are working with and treat the market very unprofessional. I actually not only base this just on my own experience, but I know this also from many talks to fellow user group members. For me my experience with the market not only comes from the employee background, but also from my last 4 years as an employer - and this way have been contacted by many different recuiting companies, who always told me that they all had a lot of good and qualified people for me. But so far none of them (who contacted me) have ever shown any possitive results (or for that matter resumes that I didn’t already have either from the person himself, or from other recruiting companies).

So I’m happy to see you here, and hope to hear possitive stories from our members about you…