Good IFU how to use the sales quotations in Sales & Marketing

Hi all,

I have to dig into the Sales quotations in the Sales & Marketing module. Sadly I havent done this before so I need some help. Ive tried the TechNet, but I couldnt find a good IFU regarding this module. Can someone give me a hint (maybe a link) where to find more information of how to use this module ?

Hi Torsten,

If your company has a subscription, training materials can be accessed online. Otherwise you can attend a classroom training.
In addition you can have a look if the bare bones configuration guides from Murray Fife can help you:…/configuring-sales-and-marketing

Hi Andre,

thanks for your reply. I ve managed to dig into the sales quotations and I think now I got it. Ive also ordered some training material like you suggested.

Thanks !!