go to main table


i have 3 tables and also have 3 forms.

one is main table. another 2 tables are sub table of the main table.

how can i set the go to main table. i wrote the relation in the main table and also set correct EDT for the particular field.

this type of error is coming

Hi mi,

relation should be Child table.And you need to create a menu for for parent form.



Hi smiley,

when ever u make a normal relation to another table the option will come automatically.

and where is your error ?

Hi smiley

If u want to get go to main Table .Pls follow simple steps

Create a Menu Item for the form and Attach Particular MenuItem as FormRef Property of Particular Table.


Suppose if i want to display FormA(Using TableA) as Go to Main Table in any other Form then i ll Create a Menu Item for FormA and i wll Attach this MenuItem as FormRef in TableA Property.



Hi Chinna,

In MenuItem, what are the coding i should mention ? . i don’t have idea about the creating the menuitem for Form.

Simply creatign MenuItem otherwise any other thing mention in that.

this type of error is occurring in my project

Hi Smiley

Just Create MenuItem for Form.No need of Coding

Hi Smiley

Just Craete MenuItem for Form.No need of Coding

Hi Chinna,

now i got the result. Thank u so much…