Go Live Pre Requisites

Dear All,

Is there any Document for the GoLive Process. and the Prerequisites(Check List) for to GoLive(Before)

and what are the steps to follow before going to the GoLive for Implemention Project(R2)


Vinod P

Surestep has some, but ultimately they are different depending upon the business: multi-country, multi-site, production, warehousing, etc. etc. each element brings its only pre-requisite considerations.

At a high level

a) All data migration routines fully tested in UAT

b) UAT undertaken and all process owners sign off readiness sheet

c) Security implemented and tested in UAT

d) All hardware tested

Then you have the details of each area, business requirements and software. All with resources and timings etc.

Thanks AdamRoue,

Is there any Spiecific Document related to this topic… if it is possible can you share the URL or document to my mail id

id: Vinod2friends@gmail.com


Vinod P

This is the link:


You can find everything in there.

If you do not have rights then you do not have the correct service agreement with Microsoft and of course I can send nothing because I would then be breaking all the agreements my partner has with Microsoft.