global variable in report

Hi, i made a global variable in a report. name=positionstext datatype=record subtype=positionstext The primary key of this table is PSP-CODE,Art,Zeilennummer At dataitem “Verkaufszeile” in the “on after get record” i put this code IF poitionstext.GET(Verkaufszeile.“PSP-CODE”) and here is my problem. Only field “PSP-CODE” excist in table Verkaufszeile, the two other fields “Art”,“Zeilenummer” are not in table Verkaufszeile. Is there a possibility to use the global variable in the section of dataitem Verkaufszeile. lothar knichel

The get function use the primary key of a table. In your case you use a part of this key, is better for your system to use the SETFILTER function. Or use the get GET function but define fot that the value of the two other field (ART,Zeilennummer).

Yet GET is designed to retrieve a record by it’s primary key only. If you can limit the records using SETRANGE or SETFILTER to a single record, then just use FIND(’-’). If this table will grow to to more than a few hundred records, you should create a key that contains all of the fields that you are filtering on. Preferably, with the first field eleminating the maximum number of records. Bill Benefiel Manager of Information Systems Overhead Door Company (317) 842-7444 ext 117