Global::isConfigurationkeyEnabled(configurationKeyNum(module.configurationKey)) ????


I want to pass tablename.fieldname in the place of configuration key

but its give some error?

please help.

That can’t work - configurationKeyNum() expects a configuration key name, nothing else.

What are you trying to achieve?

Thanks Martin. Actually in on table I take filed as a configuration key. And I passing the field value as a config key but I got error. Please help

I try differentiate my data by config key.

Sorry, I still have no idea what you need. If the configuration key isn’t active, the field will never contain any data.

Actually I want to check the field contains the active key or not. Therefore I want to pass fieldValue;

But you can’t just pass a field name to a method expecting configuration key name and hope it will work. It can’t.

You need to find what configuration key is used by the field and then to find out whether it is active. Implement both steps.


SysDictField dictField = new SysDictField(tableNum(SalesTable), fieldNum(SalesTable, ProjId));
info(isConfigurationkeyEnabled(dictField.configurationKeyId()) ? "Enabled" : "Disabled");

thanks Martin,

But I want to check row by row the where I pass the tablename.fieldname value.