Global Dimension General Ledger

Hi All,

In General setup ledger there are fields called global dimension 1 code and global dimension 2 code,when you select these global dimension code the caption of global dimension code in other pages,like sales invoice and purchasing and others in the tab invoicing,will be changed automatically according to the value selected,

So i create a new company and change the value of global dimensions in general ledger setup but the captions in the pages like sales invoice and purchasing didn’t changed dynamically and still “global dimension code 1” and “global dimension code 2”…

what should I do to these fields to change the captions dynamically??


Which version is this and did it change anywhere in the system? You mention that it didn’t change in the Sales Invoice, but how about in the General Journal?

Ty for reply,

the version is 6.0…the dimensions are listed in general journal but the “captions” still not changed

And in the actual dimension setup you have specified both “Code Caption” and “Filter Caption” ?