GL Revaluation Query - Query for Solution / Finance AX 2012 Consultants

Hello all,

A query for the Solution / Finance Consultants out there.

Module: GL
Section: Revaluation

How best do you propose we solve the below anomaly?

My client wants to revalue 2 bank accounts (currency held in USD) and reporting currency is EUR. Hence the requirement for revaluation. Assume, there is an unrealised gain due to forex. The issue is, they want the revaluation POSTING ACCOUNTS to be DIFFERENT for each bank account. I.e. Unrealised gain on Bank 1 should be posted to a P&L Account. And Unrealised gain on Bank 2 should be posted to a BS Account. This requirement is because of the nature of the funds held in their accounts.

Using standard procedure this can’t be fixed, can it? I.e. we cannot define 2 ‘Unrealised gain’ accounts for the same currency pair. Has anybody come across a situation like this? How was it tackled or how best do you think we can tackle this?