GL Inconsistency Error

Hi All Help me

While posting Prepayment Invoice i’m getting an error says that

*""" Thetransaction cannot be completed because it will cause inconsistencies in G/L entry tabl “”.*please reffer attached picture and help me

4377.In Consistency.bmp (362 KB)


Jerome Marshal.J

I have seen this error once before and it was as a result of some programming I had made that was wrong. Have your posting routines been modified?

Hi Thanks for your quick reply

No I did not change anything i just added “”" Per payment % for the Item “” and “”" Pre Payment % for the customer “” thts all i din touch the posting codes


Jerome Marshal.J

did you try searching the forum for “inconsistencies error”

lots of posts, usually we get this when using percents and a rounding issue occurs

Hi Marshal,

I guess you are using the APAC or Indian version of Navision. Which version? There were some errors in the Sales Tax engine in NAV 3.10 US version, and this code seemed to have found its way into the Indian tax engine many years back. In the US version there were many hot fixes and eventually it fixed, but they never really seemed to find all the issues in the Indian version, mainly because the Tax engine in the Indian version is possibly the worst code ever written in the history of Navision.

The best thing to do is to down load Rashed’s tool from mibuso for tracking this error, once you find it you can then determine if its from a code mistake that you wrote, or something in the Indian version of Navision. Then take the appropriate action.

By the way as Gaspode says, this error can only normally happen because of bad programming practices. The hard part if finding out whose programming and where.

But one rare exception is that someone may have gone in and manually edited GL entries. The inconsistent check sum is based on a modulus 99 and and second modulus 98 date, so its possible that the error is related to a specific edit made on a specific date. This is very easy to find by simply changing the date on the posting to see if it them posts.

here is a link to rashed’s tool: