Gift Certificates in Dynamics AX 2009


Do you know Is there any funtionality available to process Gift Cards/ Gift Certificates in Dynamics AX 2009?

Any help will be much appreciated.



Hi Asif

I doubt there is any funtionality as such in AX for distribution of Gifts or Cards, But I Suggest you can define as complimentory Items in Items Master and distribute to your client/vendor based on complimentory items rules.



Thanks… Rajesh.

Asif S

Dear Rajesh,

Can you please tell me how do i setup a Complimentary item in Item Master

Also how do i setup complimentary items rules



I assume with gift certificates you mean items that are purchased by a customer and then used as payment for other items later. If my assumption is right then I suggest you just set up items for the different gift certificate values that you have ($10 gift certificate, $20 gift certificate, $50 gift certificate…etc.) and set the prices accordingly.

  • When someone buys a gift certificate then you just enter the gift certificate item on the sales order as usual (let’s say item $10 gift certificate, 1 piece at price $10).

  • When someone uses a gift certificate for payment then you enter the same item on the order but with a negative quantity. That will result in the value of the gift certificate being subtracted from the order total (e.g. someone buys something for $50 and then wants to apply a $10 gift certificate. You would enter the item “$10 gift certificate”, quantity -1, amount -$10 and the order total would be $40).

You don’t mention specific requirements but this is how I would basically set it up (specific requirement could be for example identification of gift certificates by number to prevent double usage, reporting requirements etc.).


Thanks Karin,

I understood the concept clearly, thanks for explaining it in a very simple way.