getting values from a dropdialog

hi all

i hav created a dropdialog form for getting informations from a new user , i hav called this form in another form using a menu item button , the dropdialog has a default ok button wat code should i write in the click event of ok buuton to store the values entered in the dropdialog. to a table

Attach it to a DropDialogButton( not a menu item button), you can have your code in closeOk method of the dropDialog Form

Reference: \Forms\VendOnHoldUpdate\Methods\closeOk (which is called from the VendTableListPage

thank you kranthi , and can u say how to get values from tat…(eg.if i have 3 fields inside tat drop dialog form )…

Do they are bound/ unbound control?

Do they are bound/ unbound controls?