Getting rid of commas using the FORMAT command

On all our PCs the regional settings is as follow : Separator of thousands = ‘,’ (Comma) Decimal sign = ‘.’ (Dot) Now I’ve got a Dataport which export a decimal value, in the exported file there’s a comma in 1,000 (One Thousand) I’ve managed to get rid of the comman by doing this at the dataport Item level : DeleteComma ( “Qty. to Ship” ) DeleteComma is the following function : DeleteComma(decPAR : Decimal) NumberTxt : Text[20] NumberTxt := FORMAT (decPAR); NumberTxt := DELCHR (NumberTxt, ‘=’, ‘,’); EXIT (NumberTxt); Now my question : Could you basically do the same, that’s getting rid of the commas on Decimals using the FORMAT function ? (Please note that comma is a a regional set up in Windows for seperator of thousands)

Take a look at format-property “1000Character” (e.g. <1000Character,>) and “Comma” (<Comma,.>)

I did but the value is still exported with commas What’s the exact syntax ?

Hi Tarek Check out this thread

Give this a try… FORMAT(“Qty”, 0,’<1000Character,.>’)

Can’t you put the following in the Format property of the Dataport field: <Standard Format,2>or its equivalent: <Sign><Integer><Decimals><Comma,.>?

In dataport field Format properties set: <1000Character,><Comma,.> For 7,885,885.52 <Comma,.> For 7885885.52