Getting field contents

Hi - I’m having a little trouble here. I am using NF 2.50. In an Item Ledger Entry, when you select an item number, the description is also shown on the line. I want to know how to select more fields to be shown. We are using a barcode on the item , and this is not shown automatically, when you select the item from the entry.

Christopher, I assume you are on about Item Ledger Entries form displayed via the Item card and then from the Item button, Ledger Entries. Is this correct? You need to “design” the form (if you have the neccessary licence), and then using the Field menu icon, drag and drop the field onto the form. Then save the form (overwriting the exsiting version), close Navision, re-open Navision and see your change. This really should be done by a person who has basic form design knowledge.

OK - maybe I was a bit to basic [;)] I already have the form, with all the fields that I need. In the ENTRY you select e.g. an item number. This item number is then shown on the entry line, and you can add info on the line such as quantity, date an so on. And then you post the entry. However, when the item number is selected it is shown on the entry line, which is good [;)]… But it also shows the items description which is automatically ‘dragged’ into to entry line as soon as you press enter after selecting the item number. What I want to know, is how to select more ‘content’ to be shown or dragged into the entry, when you select the items number. e.g. the barcode, price or other info from the item card.

To achieve this you need to put additional code in the table 83, which is the item journal table. In the OnValidate trigger of the item nº the description field get’s populated with the following command: Description := Item.Description; You may add other fields from the item card as you wish but watch out that the description does not exceed 50 characters, the current field length of the description field to avoid runtime errors, e.g. use the following code to assure a max of 50 characters: Description := COPYSTR(Item.Description + ’ / ’ +Item.Barcode [+ other fields],1,MAXSTRLEN(Description)); Hope that helps. Nils