getting error while running Cheque_US report


I made some modifications in cheque_US report and while running the report i am getting the below error:

Buffer for call of SRSTmpTblMarshaller::deleteTmpTblData is not specified.
(S)\Classes\Info\add - line 94
(S)\Classes\Global\error - line 3
(S)\Classes\SRSTmpTblMarshaller\deleteTmpTblData - line 33
(S)\Classes\ChequeDP\initTmpChequePrintout - line 9
(S)\Classes\ChequeDP\processReport - line 13
(S)\Classes\SrsReportProviderQueryBuilder\initialize - line 57

Can anybody help me on this error to proceed?

Please let me know if anybody has any workaround and any suggestion is appriciated.

All what I can say from your information is that you should fix your modifications to pass a valid buffer to SRSTmpTblMarshaller::deleteTmpTblData().

Could you collect and share more information about what’s happening in your code?

Hi Nagesh,

i am facing the same error.

can you please share how you that error.