Getting Error when import .csv file through using inbound port

Hi All,

Thanks to all in Advance…

I am getting Error - " Import File is not found " when i am trying to import .csv file through using inbound port for Automatic Bank reconciliation.

I done all setup like AOT-Resource- BAI2CSV-to-BAI2XML.xslt , BAI2XML-to-Reconciliation.xslt AND MT940TXT-to-MT940XML.xslt , MT940XML-to-Reconciliation.xslt and import

in inbound port i set up in Adaptor - file system adaptor and Active service Operation and click Active.its Activated also.

but still it not not import .csv file. should i do someting change in codding part

its very urgent can anyone give the solution.

Thank You once again

First of all, please tell us which version of AX you’re using. Never forget to attach a tag with your version; it’s very important information.

Then tell us what exactly happens - in which step it fails, any error details you have and so on.

Make sure that the file is in the right folder and that the folder is reachable by AOS.

If needed, debug the code to see where exactly is fails.


currently i am using MSD AX R3 kernel version- and at the time of importing .cvs file in Cash and bank managemet through using Bank statement format and when i go for import that file it is showing error-