Getting differences while printing between navision & Pdf?

Hello all,
I have created a Sales Invoice Report of page size & interactive size 21cm x 29.7cm.
The margins are :-1.5cm from left, 1cm from right,0.5cm from bottom & 0cm from top.
Its body is of width 18.5cm.I have taken borders on left,right & top sides of the body of width 1pt.
I have also taken a footer & inserted a text box located at 0cm;0cm position & taken borders on left, right & bottom
sides of the text box of width 1pt.
Now, when i am printing any invoice from pdf, it is coming fine. But the problem comes when i am directly
printing it through navision.
While printing through navision, border width on the right side of the text box in the footer is slightly
greater than the border width on the right side of the body.The variation is clearly visible & looks odd.
Am i doing something wrong here? or is their a solution to it?

Which version of NAV are you using?

Navision 2013 R2.

Is it showing any difference in Print Layout ?

No the layout is showing fine. But problem comes only in navision direct print.


set the previewmode of the report to printlayout. then you can better compare preview and pdf.