Getting Data From Customers

Hi, We have a customer who would like to email their customers on a regular basis requesting certain information back from the customers. They would like this to be very simple and easy for the customers to use. For example, send a nice grid and allow the customer to enter data in certain fields and send them back to the company. Does anybody have any good suggestions that we could use ? Many thanks in advance.

are you looking for something like: or ??

Mail Bomber rocks!!! [:D]

Hi, Thanks for that. Mail Bomber does look good. Have either of you worked with these ? Can it use data from a Navision database and use that in the email and then also allow customers to send back to the company data entered by themselves in a form or something like that ?

No, Mail Bomber is only a small program for sending e-mail to a large number of recipients (mailing lists, etc.). It can take the recipient list from a plain text file which is created in Navision but it will not handle everything else you are thinking about.

Thanks for that Nelson. I think at the moment the best idea we can come up with is to create a spreadsheet with selected Navision data in it and attach that to an email. The customers can then open, update the necessary cells and send back the spreadsheet to the company. Cheers

What about a slightly different approach? If your customer is using Commerce Portal, you could create a new web page where a customer could fill in this info and it would be directly updated on Navision. Then you would just send an e-mail to the customers asking then to visit your web site. What do you think?

That is a good approach Nelson. Unfortunately, they don’t use Commerce Portal but they do have their own website. Might have to try some gentle persuasion for them to go down this route but I doubt they will. Thanks for your help, Nelson.

You could set up a MySql DB on your web site (free!) that handles the form data entry using PHP (also Free!) Then you could write a codeunit that can be run to input the data from the mysql db using miscrosoft ADO. Here’s how to do the ADO part … It takes a few skills to bring the pieces together, but it’s free and it works! -john