In reports there are some that use Getdata(55,1) where is it getting the data? I am not sure where to look to find what it is actually pointing to.


this is a method in reports til nav 2009 to view data in headers and footers. in nav 2013 it is not necessary any more, but already used in standard reports. check report 205 order confirmation. show the window “document outline” in visual studio when editing the report. there you’ll find tablix table3 and the textbox “CustAddr”.

the contents of that textbox looks like:

=Fields!CustAddr1.Value + Chr(177) + Fields!CustAddr2.Value + Chr(177)+ Fields!CustAddr3.Value + Chr(177)+ Fields!CustAddr4.Value + Chr(177)+ Fields!CustAddr5.Value+Chr(177)+ Fields!CustAddr6.Value + Chr(177)

the GetData function fetches a value from that textbox according to the first given number, e.g. 55.

Have you had a look at this video: How Do I: Use SetData and GetData in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2?