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Until now the only option of advertise here on has been to sign use Google Adwords. We are currently testing Google Ad Manager - This allows us to sell the ads here on the site directly to you, and while when we have unsold “inventory”, then we will still be utilizing the ads from Adwords. The system is Media Rating Council (MRC) accredited. This is important to make your feel confident with the ad impression measurement process.

But it means that ads bought directly from the Dynamics User Group will automatically get a higher priority than the ads from Adwords.

It also means that we have different ways to offer you to pay. Either “Pay per impression” or “Pay per click”. If you select the “Pay per impression” (CPM) then you’re paying for each time your ad is displayed on

With “Pay per click” (CPC) then you’re paying for each time a user is clicking on your ad to go to your site. To be able to buy the “Pay per click” then we might require that you have had at least 1 month with “pay per impression”.

Here in the beginning we are offering the “Top Banner” and the “Bottom Banner”. If you select the “Pay per click” option, then your ads will show on both banners. If you select the “pay per impression” then you select either top or bottom, where the price for the bottom banner is lower based on historical CTR (click through rate%) for the to different banners. More people click on the top banner than the bottom banner. Historically the top banner must display half as many times as the bottom banner to get the same number of clicks.

Price Examples:#### Pay per impression:

Top Banner - 1000 ad impressions - 10 USD
Top Banner - 5000 ad impressions - 30 USD
Top Banner - 10000 ad impressions - 50 USD
Top Banner - 20000 ad impressions - 80 USD

Bottom Banner - 50% of the price of top banners. But the minimum you can purchase is 2000 impressions (10 USD).

Pay per click (if we think that your ads are right for our site):

10 clicks - 25 USD
25 clicks - 50 USD
50 clicks - 95 USD
100 clicks - 180 USD

There’s a minimum purchase of 50 USD per order (but you can order different “line items”). If you want to advertise for a smaller minimum amount, then you can always continue to use Google Adwords. But your ads will only be displayed when all other ads have been displayed.

Also notice that the size of the banners when buying directly is 820x120 pixels. When you buy via Google Adwords, then the maximum size is 728x90. That’s about 20% more.

When you sign up then you also have the option of telling us how many days you want your ads to be displayed over. Then we will make sure that your ads are displayed evenly over the period. So you have the option of select that you want to spend 50 USD over 3 or even 6 months if you want.

How do you sign up?1. Write email to and specify number of impressions/clicks, types (top, bottom, mixed), period. If you are signing up for the “Pay per click” then we’ll ask you also to submit the creatives (the ad files in either gif, jpg, png, swf or text formats). You also have to option of specifying filters, so that your ads in example only are displayed in your own country (based upon the IP number of the user).

  1. If it’s the first time you sign up, then we will then reply to you with one or more quotations. If you are just “renewing” your order, then we’ll send you an invoice.
  2. You tell us which quote you would like and replies including the creatives (ad files). You can have a maximum of 3 different creatives per ad (order line).
  3. We’ll invoice you.
  4. When we have received your payments (using Paypal), then your ads will be setup and activated.

After you sign up, then you’ll get an access to follow the progress of your ads impressions/clicks online using Google Ad Manager (similar to what you get online on using Google Adwords).

A little change to thead program.

Now you’ll be able to get a 940x120 pixels banner for the same price. That is instead of a the previous 820x120 pixel banner or 768x90 pixels if you’re using Google’s Ad Words.