Get the Nav Configuration Details and show it in Console Application using Visual Studio

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when you run the executable file in NAV server the below-highlighted points should be extracted and shown in console window using Visual Studio C# code

1)Pre-Requisite for specific version

2)version patch details

3)Add on details


5)Web Client Configurations and

6)Basic Nav Configuration

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And what is your question?

Thanks for your Response Mr.Erik.

My Question is: I need a C# script to get dynamics Nav configuration in Visual Studio console Appliction.



You should start by mentioning which NAV you talk about and what it is that you are looking to do. Why Visual Studio?

Depending on which version of NAV, then it’s not C# you are looking for, but PowerShell. As of NAV 2013 you can do almost everything related to administrating and configuration your NAV NST and Web Servers.

Search for Dynamics NAV and PowerShell CmdLet’s.

Not a C# developer but you so dont know how to write the script but you can get config details from config file sitting in nav server . if you know c# programming then its possible to write code to get the information from the file.

Powershell is great!

Thanks, Erik and Imran.

I have finished this work

I have CustomSetting.Config(xmlFile) file in Nav services which consists of all the details of Nav Configuration. So I have read the file through C# code in VS then get it in the console.



yes that is the file !

Hi Imran and Erik,

How to get the Nav Config details without reading the CustomConfig file. Is this possible to Connect directly Nav to Visual Studio and get the same details i mentioned above?

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Use PowerShell…

Thanks, Erik.

Can you please elaborate on the steps to get the config details in Powershell.



Take a look here and find it yourself…/overview