Get Records from a Temp Table into Form Data Grid?

insert method is on Temp Table
On Form init (method) i only use the following code:


dosen´t work!

Please attach a tag with your version of AX. Then please tell us what kind temporary table it is. Then explain what you mean by “doesn’t work”, if you get any errors and so on. You may also need to show us your code in TempTable::insert().


I have a Table of Type “TempDB”. In this table i have a queryrun method and a insert method.

insert method like this:

public void insertvalue(HcmWorker _hcmWorker…)


TempTable.PersonnelNumber = _hcmworker.PersonnelNumber;
TempTable.Firstname = :dirpersonname.Firstname;


Than i call this method (queryrun) in my new Form - FormDataSource (init Method):

like this:


one more information

if i open my new form nothing is shown in the grid but the data is written into the temptable!

Now you’re calling queryrun(), but what you’ve shown is a completely different method: non-static method() insertvalue() accepting a worker. Please show us the content of your queryrun() method.