Get no source documents on warehouse receipt

I am quite new to NAV, but very experienced in ERP general. I’m currently working my way in to NAV functionality the way it should have been used in my new company :slight_smile:

I have some problems when I try to use warhouse receipts for goods receptions insted of posting it directly on the PO.

  • I have set up a location with req. reception and req. shipment
  • I have set up myself as warehouse employee on the correct location
  • I have created a purchase order where i purchase to the location
  • I have created a transfer order where i move goods into the location

When I create a warehouse receipt and click on get source documents. Only the transfer order shows up. I try to reconfigure and tried to create a put-away instead. Didn’t work either.

The PO is released, but when i inspect the database/table fields I can see that order status on the PO line says Open. Sounds a bit strange I think. I also see that the filter on the reception, to get source documents requires a shipping advice filter (partial or complete) even if those fields don’t exists on the PO (they do exists on the transfer order)

Maybe the field-things is as they supposed to be, but on field level my inexperience to NAV is considerable

What is wrong (or what am I doing wrong for that kind of matter)

In NAV 2013 R2 at least, “Get Source Documents” will only find Purchase Orders whose Status is “Released” (which you say yours do) and that the Location Code in the “Shipping” Tab on your Purchase Order matches what you’ve set on the Warehouse Receipt. In NAV 2013 R2 there isn’t another Status on the lines (at least that I’ve ever come across).