Get Location Name from Location Code

I want to get Location Name from Location Code in Value Entry table.

Hi Ramesh,

Is that you want to drill down option for Location Code for previous question…

if it is the requirement then

Open Request page

select the Location code code field

Open properties(Shft+f4)—> find Table relation press F6 in table field select VAlue Entry table

. And in field select Location code …

Save ,compile and Run…

if above is not the case required let me know …

Actually I created report with dataitem Value Entry.

In this table we are having Location Code. But I Should display Location Name in the report.

I added dataitem in the report. But the table values are empty.

I’m facing the same issue for Item.description also.

Hi Ramesh,

you have to take Location Name From Location Table …and same applies to description from item table for respective item…

if you need further info let me know…[:D]

Sorry I couldn’t understand. How to take Location Name from Location Table.

Can you tell want report you need… i mean from value entry you may get many types of reports…

and what are fields required for you and soon.

I need

Location Code, Location Name, Item No., Item Description, In.Qty, Cost Per Unit from Value Entry and from Sales Price table, I need Unit Price per Item for Value Entry Table items

You have to indent the data items so that you get right MIX… have you read MSDN for Reports And how it Behaves…

for your above case …

Dataitem ---- Location.

column —locaqtion name

Dataitem----->valu entry

Column---- fields required in value entry table

respective fields like…

Dataitem— item

Dataitem — sales price

If you cant understand above Description Then you cant understand Anything …[:#]

I would do it the other way round, in Raja’s case you get a sort of the Value Entries by Location (I don’t know if that is intended). And you don’t need a special DataItem for the Location table anyway, just add a global variable for Location table to the Report, and in the “OnAfterGetRecord”-Trigger of the Value Entry Data Item write some code like:

IF NOT Location.GET(“Location Code”) THEN


After that you can simply add a line with Location.Name below the Value Entry DataItem, and if the Location Code contains an existing value the Name should be returned.

Hi Dirk,

What ever you said is really True Sir, what i suggested is rough Plot about report need i should have Suggested better at least Dataitem Link from respective Dataitem…

I just suggested in Instance of Time … [:)]

May be like if we relate

Property Value

DataItemLink Location Code=FIELD(Code)

and No.=FIELD(Item No.) and soon