Generate PDF417 barcode from Attain?

Hi Is there anyone who know how I can generate a report with PDF417 2d-barcode from Attain. I have a customer som have Danzas as shipping agent and Danzas require a list with PDF417 barcode. What actually do I need to make it possible. There is a lot of windows applications who can generate pdf417 barcode, but how can I use them in Attain. Anyone who can explain it for me??? Is it possible to download PDF417-font and programming it in Attain and where can I find the clean font??

I thnk you’ll need a specialist label printer for this. Because PDF417 is a 2D barcode it would need a hugely complex font design and this is too much hassle for font designers I have talked to. I suppose you could do it by creating a big matrix of picture controls and then switch them on/off using code but that would be an equally mammoth undertaking. Just go straight for a commercially available printer. It will be cheaper and easier than anything you could do in Navision. Cheers, JOhn

I would recommend interfacing to one of the readily available, inexpensive third party bar code label design and printing routines that has the PDF417 label printing capabilties built in. Such routines are generally compatible with a variety of printers.

We have used a thrid party software that integrates very well with Navision and has international support. It is priced very reasonably and supports numerous symbologies, including PDF471. We’ve even integrated it with multiple symbologies for labeling and EDI/ASN. The company has also been excellent from a support perspective. They are at:

LaserNet could also solve this Problem. It is possible to use Barcode PDF417 in our suite. Please look further on