Generate new vendor account by using number sequence

hi all,

I am using AX2012, is there anyone know how to generate new vendor account by using number sequence in job?
please share with me,

thanks in advanced…

Hi Eity,

I hope the below link will help you.



hi hariharan,

thanks for your reply…i already follow this code…
this code is reffering to create new vendor account :


vendTable.AccountNum = NumberSeq::newGetNum(VendParameters::numRefVendAccount()).num();


but i got an error where the class Number Sequence is not initialize.
do you have any solution for this… i already trying to initialize like this :

tblseqRef = VendParameters::numRefVendAccount();
num = NumberSeq::newGetNum(tblseqRef);

but its still not working…

thank you,