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why is the website so unreliable, compared to mibuso?

I don’t think this site is unreliable… why is Mibuso & Mbsonline so unreliable as compared to It’s all relative …It’s not their fault - They have service providers and if their providers fail then it’s not the web site’s fault is it. In this case the ISP I believe is updating their equipment. So If this site had to be down for a day or two so it can provide better performace in the future…it’s well worth it.

I can only agree with the previous post… we have to keep in mind that these sites are run on a voluntarily basis, with some support from sponsors and the sale of some additional material, to cover the hosting costs, but they definitely don’t have the same resources as a… in fact, i consider both sites very reliable, compared to other sites (and ISP’s) that I have come across… Anyway, keep up the good work and good to have mbsonline back, up and running Saludos Nils

Just bad luck for [:(] But it’s back and lets hope the website will be faster than before. It seems to be anyway. “Active topics” and “online users” open faster. [:D]

Up and running, faster than ever! [:D]


Up and running, faster than ever! [:D]
Originally posted by marq - 2005 Dec 24 : 12:13:35

Mhmm… too fast maybe. I’ve been trying to post in the number game (just to celebrate the mbsonline return), but the posting form kept on desappearing after half a second it was loaded. [xx(] Merry Christmas to you all, guys. [:D] Anna