General Ledger Setup: Amount Rounding Precision

Is there any posibility or way to change the Amount Rounding Precision from 0.0001 into .01 even we had already transaction posted…

Please give me some advise.

I would suggest trying it in test environmnet, but would expect you to receive an error message, meaning that you would have to change the data first.

If you have access to the report designer function, you can use the ROUND function to change the 0.0001 to 0.01

thanks for your advise Kryton, but the C/AL Code is disable in this table 98 General Ledger Setup.

the reason why i want to change the rounding is for the print Check the check amount shows like" 1,000.0000 " it has 4 decimal places how can i posibly change it.

I face the same problem too. I’ve tried to change Amt. Rounding Precision in GL setup but then, it throw the error. Any other solution other than add // to disable the error in object designer?

Hi cristine,

only with a developer license…

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Hi Cristine,

If you have a table designer license, you should be able to go to the object designer, then run the table “General Ledger setup” and change the decimal place formats for unit amount. This will probably currently be 2:5, but you can change to 2:2

I think that will sort the cheque issue out


Hi Cristine,

mentioning the Check report got me curious… The control “LineAmount + LineDiscount” has the formatting properties:


AutoformatExpr=GenJnlLine.“Currency Code”

resulting in using either the G/L setup amount decimal places, or those set up in the currency code used on the gen. journal line. The amount decimal places can be changed to 2:2, this won’t affect the amount rounding precision. If you have access to the object designer you can change it at any time (I would recommend that you’re single user of the database, though). After restarting NAV the new decimals regime takes effect and you will not see more than 2 decimals on LCY amounts, even if they were posted with greater precision.

Changing the rounding precision (especially decreasing the precision) would practically invalidate the integrity of the G/L (and others) due to different rounding. Therefore NAV prohibits this when entries are already posted.

I tried this out on a real database: Changed the amount decimal places to 0:0, restarted, and voila, no decimals anywhere :slight_smile: You can’t enter decimals either. Changed it back to 2:2, restarted, and everything was back to normal.

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I had the same issue quite a few years ago, where the partner set up GL rounding to 3:3 for some unknown reason. Later a consultant set the displayed rounding to 2:2 so no one actually knew about the error, except that every now and then a check would print wrong. Out by one penny up or down.

In the end I needed to write a routine that rounded the entire GL Entry table to 2 decimals. This was quite a complex job, since (as Jens points out) if you do it wrong you can ruin the integrity of the database. You may find it easier just to rewrite the Check printing process.