General Journal Posting with New Document type

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One of my client ask me create new document type like “Amount Adjustment”(Created in 81 table) but it should be flow in all concerned can it done?

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What is meant by Amount Adjustment ??

I am asking because we can use default document type if we understand the concept or else client can add the description as 'Amount Adjustment ’ also as well as user can put narration in the voucher also .

Try to explain the same to user.

Hi Amol

Amount Adjustment is a “Document type”. Actually Client doesn’t want to post Customer to Customer with out document type They want document type as “Amount Adjustment”

Post Customer to Customer means what ??? Please elaborate

Hi Amol,

My client want to Amount transfer to one customer to another customer with Document type like “Amount Adjustment”,i know without document type it can be post but with document type how can be done?


its not clear what you want to create a Document Type or Just to assigned Customer with “Amount Adjustment” this can be done with add a new field to check if it has value “Amount Adjustment” then customer can process Amount Transfer as you want. Please describe your requirements and conditions in specific.


you can add document types in the journal and entries… I would recommend against it, though. This change would be more or less global, the document type would be present in all types of financial-related transactions (if not limited further by code). I can understand that Amol and William are asking for more specifics. I would ask the following questions:

  • What would this amount adjustment be? A general allowance (adjustment) of the amounts payable due to the inability to pay? Or a specific (for every entry) adjustment?

  • You write posting customer to customer… that would be a two-line posting then. How about posting as invoice on the “new” side and as credit memo on the “old” side?

Depending on what the process at the customer is, it could be trivial, or really complex.

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