General Journal Dimension.

In the general journal report i want to add the dimension that i have selected when entering the data.

There is 2 standard dimensions added

  1. global dimension 1

  2. global dimension 2

but in my case i have a 3rd dimension that is department that i have selected when creating the journal lines. how can i link this 3rd dimension with the report. where can i find the entry for this dimension value.


Try the Journal Line Dimension table.

After posting you find the value in the “Ledger Entry Dimension” table.

The interesting fields are: Table = 17, Entry No. = Entry No. of the G/L Entry, followed by the Dimension Code which you would need to filter for the value of your 3rd. Dimension.
Then you take the Dimension Value Code and display it in your report.

Thomas after posting there is nothing coming in this table “Ledger Entry Dimension”. No Entries. There is no error in posting also.

Before you post, is there anything in Journal Line Dimension? If not nothing will flow into the Ledger Entry Dimension.

Yes Matt i am defining the dimensions.

So, you’re trying to add data from one of the shortcut dimensions to a report? No problem.

If you want to know how to find dimensions for your report, take a look at how MS does it. Navision handles the vast majority of all dimension work in c_408 Dimension Management. Take a look at the function ShowJnlLineDim paying special attention to the ShortcutDimCode argument. It’s an array of Code20. The function populates the array with dimension values. The value in the 3rd element of the array represents Shortcut Dimension 3 Code, and so forth.

The function is designed to work on Journal Lines, but with just a bit of work you can make a new function, maybe called ShowLedgEntryDims, to work on Ledger Entries. Then you call this function from your report and you’ll have all of the shortcut dimensions for your ledger entry. I think this should have been a standard function considering how many ledger-based reports there are, but that’s another issue.