Gen. Posting Type must not be in Gen. Journal line journal template name ="journal batch name=",line no='0'


sorry if this is in the wrong section, but i’m using nav classic and trying to post a sales order and i got the above error message.

How would i troubleshoot something like this? or is there a standard way of deciphering these errors. ie etc.

I would think i’m looking for something in a gen Posting type field.



Use the debugger to find out the cause of error


Ok, how would I access the debugger? again i’m only new to this and have inherited the role as the last person left quite abruptly, so i’m sorry if this is a basic question.



Tools>>Debugger>> Active (Active should be selected, TRUE) and break point FALSE

Do this and then do your transaction (Sales Order posting) again, debugger will point to code which is giving this error message.

On the Journl you are trying to post, See if th transaction line and Field “General Posting Type” is filled.

One way to completely stop this error in future is if you are posting directly into your Chart of Accounts, you can set the Accounts as either SALES or PURCHASES.

Jon, look at this also: Posting statement