Gate Entry Process

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Kindly Suggest How Gate Entry Works in Navision.

Kindly Provide the Document for Gate Entry if anyone have.


Preeti Sarawat

A process in any organization, used to keep track of entrance and exit of materials or other entities, to and from the organization’s premises, is termed as Gate Entry.

This functionality provides the facility to keep the record of the gate entries (Inward/Outward) of the goods and also helps in relating these entries with the Purchase Order / Sales Order / Return Order / Transfer Orders.

The Gate Entry system provides a physical control over the goods, which are the movable assets of the organization. Gate Entry also helps in audit trail.

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Thanx for the Logic.

Can you please send me the Document for How Gate Entry Works in Navision 2009 R2 as i have never works on Gate Entry before and i m

not getting any doucment for the same which i can prefer.