G/L Register - Reverse

When tried to do reverse register getting attached error.
Check forum & done the debug though not found any useful info.
Any help would be much appreciated - NAV 2017


OK. Let’s start an investigation - what kind and how many operations do you have with register #16321 (To help you we need more information)?

if I remember correctly you need to Reverse the journal posting, but not docs. And each line should be reversed separately.

4 gl entries - 3 g/l entry lines(same account) geeting balance with 1 vendor (1g/l entry + 1 VLE)
in VLE Open is ticked


If you have other entities related to a posted transaction other than GL Accounts (in this case: vendor) you might not be allowed to go ahead with the reversion of that transaction from the GL Entries window. Can you try to do that from the Vendor Ledger Entries window instead?

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if you think about Undo from Vendor|Customer Ledger Entry page then you can do it for Journal type only (check code)

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Thank you for the reply

  1. from VLE same issue

  2. Code:

Strangely though DVLE showing null its still giving error. (no customization )


Appreciate any feedback/help for the same