G/L postings missing??

I recently navigated on a posted sales invoice and found only 2 G/L postings. This was an inventory item that was sold. The missing entries are the entry to inventory and cost of sale. First time I have seen this. What am I missing?

Hi Al Gerrard, If you have not activated the “Automatic Cost Posting” feature in the “Invenotory Setup”, the costing entries related to the Inventory and the COGS will not be posted into the GL when you post the Sales Invoice. However when you run the Inventory batch jobs from the periodic activities called “Adjust Cost-Item Entries” and “Post Inventory Cost to GL”, the GL entries will be posted. Second scenario where the inventory entries will not be posted, is if you are selling Negative inventory (i.e. when you do not have stock in your warehouse but you post the Invoice). In this case the system does not post the COGS but waits for the subsequent positive entry in the ledger before determining and posting the COGS. Hope that helps.

OK. > We do have automatic cost posting turned on. > The entry was not an negative entry but shows applied to a purchase line. > I ran the periodic routines. Now what? Any ideas?[?]

Mayby a stupid question, but are you sure that you have a cost applied to the salesline? Either there should be a cost on the sales line or there should be a purchase posted with the same dimensions(Item,Location,Variant) as the salesline so that the sale can apply its cost from the purchase. If there are no cost to post then of course there will not be any lines as well… Best regards Daniel

I tried the routine you mentioned with my books (using navision 3.60) and it did work! (Although I need to check the transactions more closely.) I would like to list my steps for you and what I did after to see if this is the proper procedure: I ran the “Adjust Cost Entries” and “Post Inventory Cost to GL” for March and the first four days in April (We just installed the software…). The posting seemed to work fine although I need to go over the detail. Next I turned on the “Automatic Cost Posting” feature in the Inventory Setup. I want to post automatically from April 5th forward as we invoice. By posting the prior period and part of the current period using the above steps and then turning on the “Automatic Posting”, will the cost be captured correctly? That is, can Navision start with “Post to Inventory” and then switch over to “Automatic Cost Posting?” In any event, you solved a huge problem that our partner could not or would not address!! (Next I’ll ask about why our inventoy has no activity throughout the month - none at all! After utilizing you costing, I want to know why no inventory purchases were ever posted!!) Thanks again for your guidance…[:)]

One final suggestion. If you are navigating on the purchase invoice document to find the relevant GL entries, please remove the “Posting Date” filter. If you do that, then you will receive all the GL entries related to the document irrespective of the date of posting. If the costing entries were posted on a date other than the posting date of the Invoice (running of the periodic activities for eg.), the same will not be captured when navigating from the document. Try this out!!

Not sure if relevant to your exact problem but in some cases you need to navigate from the value entries of the relevent ledger rather than the ledger transactions themselves to see all associated transactions.