G/L Entry in Sales Invoice: Dr. Account Receivables Cr. Account Receivables

Hi all,

One of my customer has this G/L Entry when issuing a Sales Invoice to their Customer (using NAV 2015):

Dr. Account Receivables

Cr. Account Receivable

Cr. Sales VAT

I know this need customization but I don’t know where to start.

Anyone have any idea for the solution? Your ideas would be much appreciated.

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Yes just charge to same GL code on the sales invoice line. Does mean you will have to leave main control account (accounts receivable) with direct posting swtched on.


Dear Mr.Fraser,

Thanks for your reply.

I tried your solution but it’s not right. Here is the problem: This is AR, so you must link it to a Customer Code for Customer Balance’s reports. In your solution, the AR in Lines is not link to a Customer Code, so the customer’s balance is wrong.

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Sorry for re-up, please share your ideas.



Sorry for delay in replying. So are you trying to charge the sales line to a customer account and not GL?


Hi Hai,

I must say that I am not sure if I understand your question or what your problem is.

When you create an invoice with one line, then this results in 3 gl entries. Debit: Customer No. → Cust. Post. Group gl account no., Credit: The account no. from the sales invoice line (or deviated from the item/resource post group). Finally a VAT entry as well.

The gl entries are identified by the document type/no. and posting date (plus a transaction no.).

When posting the invoice NAV also creates a Customer Ledger Entry. This entry is linked to the customer G/L entry.

If you need to see the balance AR balance for a customer, then you lookup the sum of customer ledger entries, just like the balance flowfield on the customer does it. You don’t use G/L to see the balance of a single customer.

Dear Mr. Fraser and Mr. Erik,

I’m sorry for the late reply.

About this problem, i’d consulted my customer to use a temp account instead of using AR account in the Sales Lines. This is standard and no need customization at all.

Thank you a lot for replying.

@Mr. Fraser

Yes, my idea is to change the sales line to a customer account. But my technical team told me that this will take a lot of effort, so I’d consulted my customer to use temp account.

@Mr. Erik

The problem is that I want the account in lines is AR as well. As Mr. Fraser said: change sales line to a customer account. So when I post the invoice, both header and lines will go to Customer Ledger Entry.