Future Cach Flow?

Hi! This is Ryo from Pacific Business Consulting from Japan. (only NSC in Japan) I would like you to ask how can I create the Future Cash Flow Statement(not Bugeting in G/L) to handle daily operating cycle for Small-Mid sized Business company. How can you handle this kind of matter?It’s very profitable for running company.I heard that most of the companies use excel. If possible I would like to use this function in Navision. Pls let me know your advice. Thanky!

Hi Y, We have made a report in Navision for a client, which is a forecast of the cast flow. If you are interested, please send a e-mail to info@bas-systems.nl. Good luck, Sven

Not the perfect answer - but I think the standard ageing reports are good for this analysis. Ok, there are two reports not one, but if you run them forwards (i.e. use due date and not the usual document date) then they provide a good measure of when your debtors and creditors values fall due. Net the two off and job done. It’s not precise (when was cash flow forecasting ever precise) but it will show the big variances that are most important. It also assumes of course that all you payments are made/received on time!!

Hi Adam, I agree that is not the perfect answer, unfornately I didn’t make the report so I couldn’t give any more details. No hard feelings what so ever. /Sven