Functional Test Automation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Hello All,

We are planning to automate the Regression test pack for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Product. We have choosen QTP as our tool. However we have observed that QTP is not recognizing the objects with in the windows and is only recognizing the windows alone. Are there any add-in’s available in the market which will enable QTP to recognize the objects?

I would also be thankful if someone can suggest me any tool which recognizes the objects?



Hi Mahesh,

I don’t know about QTP, but have you considered the testability features in NAV 2009 SP1? They add unit test capabilities to the language and runtime itself. Compared to UI-based testing these features allow you to test NAV Application objects directly, resulting in improved maintainability and performance of test automation.

We published some example tests and helper libraries as part of the C/AL Application Test Toolset on PartnerSource. Note that these testability features were introduced in NAV 2009 SP1. Since the mentioned toolset builds on top of those features, SP1 is required to install it.

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