Full SQL functionality?????

Hello Navision users: First of all let me state that I am very happy with my current Navision implementation, but that I am considering moving to the SQL version of Navision. However, I am a little concerned about how fully the SQL capabilities are utilized. I have heard rumours that some basic SQL capabilties are not utilized i.e. that the stored procedures features of SQL are not available as part of the functionality. Is there any truth to this? Any input you can provide would be greatly appreciated because I cannot get a straight answer out of my current NSC. Thanks Robert1

Robert, If I was you, then I would start just upgrading to Navision Financials. NavisionDamgaard has announced that they are redrawing support from Navision 3.x by the end of this year. Best regards, Erik Ernst

Robert, Are you sure you have posted in the correct forum? This one is intended for the “old” character based version of Navision. But to answer your question: The SQL version of Navision Financials is running pretty well. Although you lose some speed, compared to native Navision, you gain improved server features, automated backups, distributed transactions and more flexibility in scaling. Also interfacing with other systems is easier, because for that you can/might use the stored procedures and scheduler features of SQL server. Don’t understand your concerns completely, I’m afraid. Why would you be concerned about the way Navision has implemented its functionality (stored procedures are used a lot for that, I can assure you), and what do you have in mind when you would want to use your own stored procedures outiside Navision? If you have specific needs you want to perform with Navision Financials SQL, please post your question(s) in one the NF forums. I’m pretty sure you will get quick and to the point replies. John