Full CIL error


I have a reference a DLL in the AOT and use this in my class. Whenever I compile the said class, it works fine but when I generate full CIL Generation, it throws the following error:

Cannot create a record in Compiler information (TmpCompilerOutput). Path: \Classes[class1][method1], Error: .NET Cast Type Name not found. Type System.String found on the stack. This code in Class/Table: class2, Method: method2.

The record already exists.

is there any solution then help.

there is an error message in the particular method. last time we also got CIL error when we did full CIL and incremtal CIL please identify the method and remove the error and if not needed please delete the class itself then the error will go off…

This is not compile time error. and method is needed.

but you mentioned the word like generate full CIL ???

The error you posted,is it the exact error you get? …" Path: \Classes[class1][method1] "

If so,delete i guess deleting the class- (class1) should sovle your problem.