I have a doubt in Navision

Fuel purchased for the Vehicle has to be tagged to a particular asset

When entering the Journal for FUEL they have to enter the Litres in seperate field

i AM USING Navision 4.00

It is very urgent so expecting a quick reply sir



Well, I am using NAV 4.0 as well (and other NAV’s). But WHERE do you have to enter the liters for fuel? Which journal? Must be either a localisation for india or a special modification…

Or are you using FUEL as a ressource?

  1. Create a FA No. coloumn in the item journal.

  2. create an item journal

  3. Bring the asset code in the item journal

  4. enter the item code as petrol/disel

  5. FA posting type should be Fixed assets -maintenance

and post the journal. visit the FA card and look for maintenance ledger entries. it will capture all the petrol issues.


I want to enter the Litres in the General Journal and tag that to a particular asset



An idea may be to setup the Fixed Assets as a dimension, then record against that. It will then enable you to report against it.

May be an idea


First of all, u want to keep the petrol consumption in litres, which is a unit of measurement for an Item. Hence it is better to pass thru

item journal with an Item No. and FA No. FA posting type as maintenance. This will help u, if u go thru the fixed asset card-maintenance

entries, u will see the maintenance entries.