FRx and Navision

Has anyone married FRx Forecaster to Navision? How about the FRx Report writer?

I would also be very interested if anyone out there has done this…

I investigated this for a prospect, and it is not that easy. Frx relies on them to build the interface to Navision, which is planned down the road, but not right now. They said it involved several tasks to handle flowfields and the G/L Structure of Navision. I suggested creating a datamart from Navision to their specifications, but they said that is not possible, since they dont support an implementation like that. Furthermore you need to go through some certification to implement it. At this point you cant buy Frx for Navision it only comes bundled withthe software packages they support.

Oddly enough, it showed up on a U.S. price list from MBS in June. However, there’s no details and because of the data structure of advanced dimensions in Navision, this has historically been a stumbling block. Our regional sales representatives don’t seem to know how this appeared on the list, so it may have been a bit premature?

A friend of mine who still works for FRx told me a while back that it will be quite some time before FRx will be offered with Navision. I would expect at least a couple of years.

I work and live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, just 50 miles from the FRx main office. Back in May, some FRx employees did a site visit to one of my clients here. I asked them about FRx and Navision, and was told that FRx had visited Copenhagen and that the interface was definitly in process and should be released before the end of 2003. FRx will be a welcome addition to the Navision solution. Sam Bartley