FromDate and toDate filter in SSRS report using Static query object

Hi all,

I am using ax 2009 and having visual studio 2008

while creating ssrs report i need to add filter for date i m not supposed to use dataprovider and contract class as i have ax 2009 and visual studio 2008.

I need to used static query object

when i put a range for single date i get the filter right

but when i put 2 ranges for from date and to date i am not able to get the filter or report is not run.

Please help me to form a query object which can contain 2 ranges and i can filter from date and to date on a single date field in the table.

can you send your query which u hv used to give folter for from and to date

6278.screens.pngthis is my query when i add one more date filter in ranges i don’t get the report to run or the filter does not work.

so u wan to pass static value to the range?

i m getting the above output in ax report with selection of date ranges i should get 3 dates instead i m getting 2 dates only my updated query is shown above…i need dynamic filter with query object by placing ranges and deploy it in ssrs report.

in this case u have to set the parameter in the visual studio only…remove ranges from query in ax…add 2 parameters in the report in visual studio and in filter value drag n drop the date field and in the property window please set the below properties

for one filter select less than and for another select greater than


Thank you very much kunal it really helped…

You can also define in the following way directly in Range field in query under value option.


Hi Kunal

I am creating ssrs report. I want to select data on itemid and above from date to till date.

I created a query, defined filter on datephysical,selected properties. Defined fromdate parameter. When i run report no data displays. Could you pl. kindly help me out…

Thx in advance