From Visual studio to AX Integration through AIF services.

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Please suggest or provide me any link to how to integrate visual studio with AX through the AIF services.



Please give us more information. Most importantly, you forgot to attach a tag with your version of AX. Answers for AX 4 and AX 7 would be very different. Also, what kind of services are you interested in? If you don’t know, please tell us what are you trying to achieve; then we should be able to suggest the right service type.

Hi Martin,

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We are using AX 2012 R2. And my requirement is We have some sales order data in visual studio by using aif We need send the sales order info to AX in the form of xml.

Please suggest.

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I’ve collected some links on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012: AIF and Web Services.

Thanks Martin.

Hi Martin,

Could you please provide any one real time example for the above scenario.


Can you be a bit more specific what do you mean by “real time example for the above scenario”? Have you followed the link to the code sample? it’s even about the same document you need, sales order.

I have gone through the link and there is only sales order creation in visual studio,can you please suggest what are the services I need to use for creating the sales order in AX?

Sales orders can be created via SalesSalesOrderService, which is exactly what the example uses.

You can always find it in documentation (Standard Document Services , also included in the collection of links I gave you).

Thanks Martin I got it…