French db

Hi everyone, I am sorry to post this here but I could not find any other relevant section. I need a French 3.10 database (standard) just to get some functionality out of it. One of our client has French offices as well and needs some stuff. Do you know where I could get one and whether I could look at code with a developer’s licence? Thanx, Cristi Nicola

Have you tried Navision France ( //Henrik Helgesen -: KISS::Keep it Simple, Stupid :-

Hi Henrik, I did try and you could only order a cd to be mailed to you. But they want info from as if you were a prospect so I guess they would not mail me one. Cristi

Hi Cristian, I normally send requests like yours to my NTR (Singapore). They are very kind and respond promptly to the request. Then the have to request the objects/databases/language files etc. from other NTR’s. But it takes normally not more than 2 days and I get everything into my email-account or in a ftp folder at the NTR. I have done that several times (e.g. EURO convertion tool for Gernanu and French version, because it is not available in South East Asia). Good Luck Walter