Freight Charges towards procurement of Fixed Assets

I have a fixed asset which was procured along with Freight charges and other handling charges, to be charged for the fixed asset. How do I record the cost of freight and other charges

On your Purchase Invoice choose type=FixedAsset, choose the FA No to which to add charges, set FA Posting type=Acquisition cost. The latter might be invisible column, you may need to unhide it.

In this way both GL & FA ledgers will be hit. (another way - use FA GL Journal in the same manner).

Thanks a ton Mr. Ivans, you’ve been of great help.

But again, I do have queries like how can the charges I posted be visible or tracked from the Fixed Asset Card, I could see it from the vendor ledger entries. How does the fixed asset treat this ( as in maintenance or other whereabouts ), so that this helps me design a report on the miscellaneous expenses on the Fixed Asset.

Sorry if I sound silly.



If you followed the scenario I described, you can now look up FA Card / Depr.Book / Ledger entries - there will be a new entry with date, and amount from PI and FA Posting type = Acquisition cost.

You can reach these through FA Card F9-Statistics, too.

Hi Ivans,

As per your scenario the amount posted as misc charges will be included in calculating deprecation also, as it has been posted as acquisition cost.

Hi Munawar,

What do you say.

In that part of world where I live any direct/indirect charges associated with FA purchase/creation must be added to FA value, read, depreciable base, and IMHO it is so (almost ?) in all countries…

At least my big & fat General Accounting Theory book says so. [:)]

OK agreed.